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October 30, 2015: The electric ULM of Students of the IUT Tested Yesterday
Reportage of the Echo Republicain

Translated Extract:

Baptized Demoichellec, it is inspired by a machine created at the beginning of the XXth century. The ultra light electric motorized (ULM) electric built by students of the University Institute of Technology (IUT) took off yesterday from the aerodrome…

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Reportage of October 30, 2015 - © l'Echo Républicain
August 03, 2015: A ULM in the Air of Time
Reportage of the Echo Republicain
See the article on L'Echo Républicain.fr
Reportage of August 03, 2015 - © L'Echo Républicain
August 03, 2015: An Electric ULM Tested in the Sky of Chartres
France 3 Centre Reportage

On Sunday, an electric ULM demonstration was held at the Chartres airfield. The device was designed by IUT students. Baptized "Demoichellec" it is inspired by a machine created at the beginning of the 20th century.

Reportage of August 03, 2015 - © France 3 Centre-Val de Loire
2nd Trimester 2014: The Electrical Propulsion Problem
« Cahiers du RSA » n°284, p26

The electric propulsion of aircraft, we have heard about it for a few years. For now, few things in sight, but wait for the rest. In this article, I propose to pose the problem, to see what exists and the projects in progress, and to present what we realize in Chartres…
Author: Bruno SOHIER

Reportage of 2nd Trimester 2014 - © RSA
February 17, 2014: The Electric Microlights were at the Open Door of the IUT of Chartres!
France 3 Centre Reportage

A France 3 Centre Reportage during the open doors of the IUT of Chartres where we shew our Demoichellec.

Reportage of February 17, 2014 - © France 3 Centre
January 20, 2014: Electrify his ULM, it is Possible!
Volez ! Reportage, Charles DONNEFORT

Translated Extract:

Compared to the automotive sector, aviation is experiencing a certain delay in terms of electric motorization. But solutions do exist for those ready to abandon the thermal. ULMs, such as Mistal and Sirocco, are particularly suited to the experiment, as evidenced by this dossier, which details the main stages of an electrification project, the equipment required, the performances targeted, the rules Safety to respect… A large-scale project, but one that can be worthwhile: with the electric, you have the joy of flying in a beneficent silence, and the satisfaction of adopting a technology that is more respectful of the environment!

Discover the rest of the article on the Volez ! N ° 188

Reportage of January 20, 2014 - © Volez !, Charles DONNEFORT
September 02, 2013: RSA - Cure de Jouvance in Vichy
Info-Pilote Reportage

Translated Extract:

The second is the "La Demoichellec" of the IUT of Chartres, built and developed over a period of university course, two years, by Bruno Sohier, professor of electronics and his students. The material kit, since only the ribs are pre-cut, was provided by the APEV and the electric motorization developed internally with the support of Daniel and Michel Dalby: 22kW in peak, 15KW in continuous, VALEX helix of 2m04 which runs at 1200rpm with 40kg of Li-Po batteries for a 35-minute autonomy. The students also developed avionics and monitoring of engine parameters.

Discover the rest of the article on the Info-Pilote n°690 !

Reportage of September 02, 2013 - © Info-Pilote
July 05, 2013: Better Respect the Environment for Better Flights
A Charles Donnefort Reportage for Volez n°182

Translated Extract:

After the success of the Demoichellec (second of the name!) Of the IUT of Chartres, the team of students in GEII (Electrical Engineering and Industrial Informatics) Flew the Pulmchellec for the first time on 7 June. For this first chip jump, the aircraft was driven by Bruno Sohier, the teacher Accompanying the IUT's electrical flight experiments.

The device is a very light swing motorized by a 15 kW Fourdan (Parawatt) engine with a 1.25m diameter ULX wooden propeller. The controller is a Kelly powered by 48 battery cells (16S3P). These Li-Fe batteries have a rated voltage of 51.2V and a capacity of 3kWh. The aircraft contains enough energy to carry out 12 minutes of flight at full power, that is a vaingtainede minute in flight economical.

The instrumentation of the device - a novelty in relation to the Demoichellec - was developed by the students of the IUT. It can be used to Speed, altitude, engine speed, battery voltage and current and even acts as Flight Data Recorder by recording all of these Which can then be analyzed.

After these first tests, the Pulmchellec will embark on new flights longer, and will certainly collect very interesting data Thanks to its recorder.

Discover the rest of the article on the Volez ! N ° 182

Reportage of July 05, 2013 - © Volez !, Charles DONNEFORT
October 14, 2012: Build a Plane in his Garage
France 3 Reportage: Carnet de Vol

They are now between 3000 and 4000 throughout France to work alone or in group on these planes of "amateur construction". Supported by a federation: the RSA, the Air Sports Network, these aviation faders are not all engineers or mechanics, quite the contrary.

We will first meet the members of the ARSAM, an association of amateur builders based on the Etampes field in the Paris region. They will explain to us what constitutes amateur construction. We will continue our discovery alongside a young aeronautical engineer, Who built, while high school, a "Pouchel", a very simple plane based on metal tubes, which is inspired by the apparatuses of the beginnings of the aviation. And we will see that other students, from the IUT of Chartres, are building a plane of the same family, a "Demoichelle". This aircraft will be powered by an electric motor they develop, and that could revolutionize recreational aviation.

We will go to Brest, to meet Serge Pennec who created a plane from any room and whose plans he distributes today. Particularity: the engine is a diesel car engine. We will test the plane in flight, and we will see that it is today one of the vehicles The most economical engine in the world.

Finally we will finish at Dominique, a former fighter pilot, passionate about mechanics, which begins the construction of his second plane entirely metallic. He will show us his first realization: a cri-cri, a tiny single-seater aircraft, which he equipped with reactors to enable him to find The sensations of high-speed flight. Also on the agenda of this issue a moving encounter with two disabled people. One after a plane crash Who decided to continue, by passion, to practice piloting. The other after a car accident and which will tear from the ground in Making first jump in free fall. We will also discover a fun activity: former hunting pilots share with the general public The sensations of the air fights of yesteryear, thanks to ulms.

See the reportage on www.france3.fr

Reportage of October 14, 2012 - © France3.fr
October 14, 2012: The Midis of science in Fulbert Highschool
Reportage of the Echo Republicain

The University Institute of Technology (IUT) was represented. He exhibited the flight simulator developed in partnership with the Chartres in the cell of their former plane-school. "Three generations of students have been working on this project, two years ago. It is improved every year, "says Bruno Sohier, a professor at the IUT." This year, students added new orders and three Screens. Previously it was a video projector ".

The electric ULM was also presented. It was carried out in a hangar of the aero-club, by a dozen students of the IUT, mainly On their free time (construction began a year ago). It is powered by a new generation electric motor (Brushless motor) And Lithium-Polymer batteries.

"The plans were purchased from a French engineer, Daniel Dalby, who gave some advice. Take place soon, before the students leave. All these projects motivate young people. "

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Reportage of May 14, 2012 - © EchoRépublicain.fr
May 08, 2012: An Electric Ultra Light Motorized Built by Students
Echo Republicain Reportage

First run tests in the days to come, first flight within a month.

The project of construction of electric ULM at the IUT is about to end. The flight is coming soon. "In a month, about", According to Professor Bruno Sohier, the ultra-light motorized (ULM) electric built by students of the University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Chartres, will take off for the first time.

The battery tray is attached. Only the last assemblies remain. The six students involved in the project, Attend the Aéro-Club de Chartres, accompanied by their teacher and promoter of the project, Bruno Sohier. "In a week or two," he said, "they will be able to run tests and first chip breaks"

Six students, Thomas, 20, is one of six students who have been working for a year now on design and Construction of the ULM. He passed his driving license, which "allows him to fly up to thirty kilometers around the aerodrome". But this apprentice pilot must pass another examination to be able to hold the joysticks of the ULM. What he plans to do.

Is he afraid of piloting this plane built from scratch by him, his comrades and his teacher? "There is always a part Stress, yes. But on the other hand, we have more confidence in those who built it because they are particularly involved In this project, "says the young man.

The machine, with electric motor, therefore ecological and much quieter than a model using a heat engine, is the Second of France to take up this concept. "We're super-proud," said Thomas. "Especially since & ccedil; has taken a turn Really concrete. We are particularly pleased to see that a project we are trying to build with our hands takes Gradually form. "

See the article on L'Echo Républicain.fr

Reportage of May 08, 2012 - © EchoRépublicain.fr
January 30, 2012: Students of the IUT of Chartres Build an Electric ULM - Newspaper Version
Echo Republicain Reportage
Reportage of January 30, 2012 - © EchoRépublicain.fr
January 15, 2012: Students of the IUT of Chartres Build an Electric ULM - Movie Version
Echo Republicain Reportage
Reportage of January 15, 2012 - © EchoRépublicain.fr