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    Electroplane: New Project!

    The Electroplane is our new project! It is an electrical mothorized glider prototype created by Claude TISSERAND.
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    Motorized Hot Air Balloon

    AILEC realized the electrical motorization of a hot air balloon.
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    The Pulmchellec is a pendulum ULM. AILEC realized the electric motorization.
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    The Demoichellec is 3-axis ULM. It have an electric motorization realized by AILEC.


Welcome to the website of the association
Aéro Innovation Loisir EleCtrique (AILEC)


AILEC is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to promote and develop solutions for electric light aircraft including Ultra Light Motorized (ULM). Created in 2013 by Bruno Sohier, Thomas Joron and Jeremy Merdy, it follows the projects of the Institute of Technology (IUT) of Chartres from the University of Orléans.


Direction Team



Thomas JORON


Bruno SOHIER is an associate professor from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan in electrical engineering and is a doctor in microelectronics. He is a professor at the IUT of Chartres in electrical engineering and industrial computer science (DUT GEII).


Thomas JORON, ex-student of the IUT of Chartres (professional license in masters of energy and renewable energies), is today an instructor in Ultralight and is head of is own company: E-Sysfly. Vice-world champion 2016 ULM in category 3-axis single-seater Thomas is, in addition, the test pilot of AILEC.


Jérémy MERDY




Jérémy MERDY, ex-student of the IUT, holds the diploma of Polytech'Paris-Sud with a specialty in computer science and electronics in Embedded systems. He is currently an engineer in a subcontracting company in the field of commercial and military aeronautics.


Julien ROUSSEL holds the engineer diploma of the INSA of the Loire Valley for Industrial Systems Engineering with a Specialization in industrial computing and embedded systems. He is now an electronics engineer.


Honorary Members

Daniel DALBY


Michel DALBY


Daniel DALBY has built its first glider when he was an engineer student. He was a pilot engineer at the CARMAM (glider JP 15-36 A). Designer of Pouchel serie (APEV), he always looked for the developpement of home built aircrafts in school and universitary fields. Founding member of the APAME ("Association for the Promotion of Electric Motorization Aircraft"), he realized the first flight of the electric Pouchel in 2009 and the electric Demoichelle in 2010.


Holder of the plane and glider liscences, Michel DALBY is an engineer in electromechanics. After having assumed the management of the electronic laboratory at Eyquem Aviation, Michel worked in CAD / DAO, then specialized in electrical and automotive electronics, while continuing projects related to light aviation. Responsible of the electrical version of the Pouchellec (APEV) and of the technical support of the Demoichellec electrification (AILEC).




Claude TISSERAND was a mining engineer in Tunisia, then a geologist and hydraulic engineer where he was head of the engineering department of the Office of Hydraulic Equipment of Corsica until 2000. Since 1966, Claude TISSERAND is one of the pioneers of hydrofoils boats where he still acts today as a consultant. Since 1981 he has been interested in the world of ULM and has become an important actor of the French light aviation. In particular, it marketed various plane: the "Puce-du-ciel" pendulums and, the "Hydroplume" and the "Petrel", two amphibious 3-axis microlights. It has recently interested in motorized gliders with the "Amphiplane" and then the "Electroplane" which are under development.


The Projects of AILEC

Four main aircraft projects developed by students of the IUT have already emerged: a single seat 3-axis, a single seat pendulum, a motorized assitance for hot air balloon and now a motorized glider:



The Demoichellec


New: The Electroplane

Hot air balloon with motorized assitance


The Pulmchellec


The association also presents its projects in many meetings and events in the Région Centre and in France, such as Blois, the Bourget, the Science Festival of Chartres, the Fly'In of Champrond-en-Gâtine (co-organized by AILEC and the Vieux Deb's)… Moreover the association organizes an aviation camp for young people. It's program: initiation flight with instructors, first fly, introduction to the aircraft homebuilding, etc…


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