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After a 3-axis (the Demoichellec) and a Pendulum ULMs (the Pulmchellec), we had looked forward to a new ULM class: a motorized balloon. This is constituted of hot air balloon, with a traditional gaz burner, and an electric auxiliary propeller.

It was Jacques MASSET, balloonist, balloon instructor and ULM balloon pilot (Class 5) who proposed this project. He had a microlight balloon initially powered by a thermal engine. The noise generated by this type of engine is especially painful on a balloon where silentless and vibrationless is an integral part of the fun of flying. In addition the engine is not needed for lift, and is mainly used for the landing management. Consequently, the autonomy is less critical than the other types of aircraft.

Ballon Flight during the aviation camp

Jacques MASSET
Jacques Masset

Jacques Masset wanted to re-engine into an electric one to enjoy the benefits of this technology: noise sharply, no vibration, no fuel odor, no fuel dispersed during inflation (the balloon is coated). Electric motorisation is therefore particularly advantageous here. That is AILEC, in partnership with the IUT de Chartres and with a group of some students, which worked again on the development of the electric motorisation.

This project began in February 2014. The balloon was completed and have flight the following summer during our aviation camp.

  • Original Thermal Engine 1

    Original Thermal Engine

  • Original Thermal Engine 2

    Original Thermal Engine

  • Electric Motorisation 1

    New Electric Motorization

  • Flight 1
  • Flight 2