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The genesis of the project

The electroplane is a motorized glider prototype developed by Clause Tisserand. From the start Claude designed this 3-axis ULM to receive an electric motor. This will allow the aircraft to take off without having to the intervention of a tug or a winch. One of the advantages of the glider is the silence of this one which allows a practice of this sport without causing of sound genes for local residents. Unfortunately, the use of a motorized remark causes a lot of noise during the take-off phase of the glider. The winches are very expensive and therefore not accessible for all aerodromes and are of limited effectiveness. Moreover, the use of these two methods result in a more complex logistics than for the practice of light airplanes or ULM. Thus, all the usefulness of using a motorization in a glider. It will be noted, however, that these advantages are at the expense of a loss of fineness of the apparatus but which can remain reasonable with the use of a light motorization.

The electric motorization here presents all its interest. Claude Tisserand contact AILEC to realize the motorization of its aircrafts. The project has started in October 15, 2016. We picked up the cell of the plane at Daniel Dalby, also partner of the project, where it was stored. A refurbishment of the aircraft and engine testing on a test bench is currently underway.